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Flood Zone/Tax/HOA Data Outsourcing

Each of our clients is unique in their approach to managing the myriad of processes, paperwork, data integration, payments, and customer support of their loan, lease, or investor portfolios.  While some maintain in-house capabilities leveraging staff, space, and equipment, others choose to strategically source some or several of these activities to sharpen focus on their core business-building priorities.  

As a turn-key provider to numerous and diverse market-leading enterprises, OSC has significant investments in operational infrastructure that set us apart in our field. We are driven to save time, eliminate angst, and spend wisely with your interests in the forefront.  The seamless integration of key services and data sources supports your business objectives without cutting corners on customer care.  Any combination of these services may be harmoniously orchestrated to deliver a solution suite composed to optimize results.


As you know, loan data is not fixed. Flood, tax and homeowners association payments can change at any time. OSC turns to expert providers who spend their days keeping up with all of the detailed nuances of these distinctive data points. With their data input and insights, integrated with our IrisX system, we deliver timely information to inform and update coverages, insurance rates, escrow amounts and overall risk exposures. With appraisal and loss draft services additionally from industry-leading providers, we can provide actionable and seamless support for managing risks from inception to foreclosures.

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