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See Yourself Here.

Where and how you spend your days can often make work seem less like “work.” We realize that our success as a company can only happen when you are truly successful. Beyond creating a positive working culture, we welcome great candidates to join us.

Our sales- and service-driven brokerage, binding, and programs team is built on relationships, hard-work, and ability to share in the success of others. Breckenridge invests in the growth of each employee by way of a hands-on training program and substantial technology and marketing resources along with significant market access. Simply put, we’re here to help you advance your career and grow your book of specialty, program, or general business. If new to insurance, we’re here to help you find your niche or fill an integral support role on one of our teams. If you’re interested in a refreshing, bureaucracy-free environment where we celebrate and recognize diverse employees, look no further.    

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Culture & Values

At Breckenridge Insurance, we believe that “living our values” isn’t a task – but a way we approach each day. We embrace a more diverse and collaborative workplace that’s built on mutual trust and respect. This positive culture starts with clearly defined values that are brought to life by open and dedicated people who share a sincere passion for seeing challenges as opportunities for success.

Openess and sincerity are at the heart of everything we do.

We welcome challenges as opportunities to show how we excel.

Diversity drives our success and equality is exemplified.

We seek knowledge and experiences to advance ourselves and others.

By being genuine and lighthearted, our days are markedly more fun.

Collaboration and camaraderie are the cornerstone of our company.

We are indispensable partners to our clients, colleagues and community