New & Competitive Insurance Program Offerings for Gun Stores & Ranges

Breckenridge Insurance now offers even greater coverage options at a competitive rate for the specific interests of gun stores and ranges!

Recent program offerings include:

  • An ATF supplemental endorsement:
    • Allows gun store owners to sustain business operations should an ATF violation and investigation be initiated
  • Cyber coverage:
    • We offer up to $10M limits of cyber coverage
  • Professional liability exposure:
    • Further protects those who train on conceal/carry

“These coverage details and all related terms will be based on each insured, and we are happy to discuss an ideal policy and pricing with your agent or broker. We typically can provide these quotes within one business day.”

Stephanie Verseman, AINS, CPL
SVP and Program Director of the Breckenridge Insurance Outdoors / Recreational Program

What Can Breckenridge Do for You?

Our team of experienced outdoors enthusiasts and insurance professionals are ready and able to help you with all your insurance needs. If you want peace of mind and to know that someone has your back, the experts at Breckenridge are who you can trust. Let us help you manage your insurance needs in the following areas:



Certified Firearms Instructor Professional Liability

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Defense Costs

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    Stephanie Verseman

    Stephanie Verseman, AINS, CPL
    SVP and Program Director
    Outdoors / Recreational Insurance Program

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