The programs team solves problems with underwriting integrity, top-rated customer service, and competitive solutions.


Program Expertise

Our programs team is passionate about specialty insurance programs and committed to delivering them better than anyone else. Each of our Breckenridge Insurance program leaders has significant industry tenure and has earned the trust of hundreds of agents and brokers. Unquestionably, they know their industries well and are enthusiastic to be of help in providing an experienced perspective when seeking a solution for your insured.

Across Breckenridge, we are committed to underwriting integrity, compliance best practices, industry thought leadership, responsive service, and competitive solutions. With our select program partners, we work closely with their leadership and underwriting professionals to bring forth smart solutions in an efficient manner while we anticipate future needs as the insurance landscape continues to evolve. 

Our Programs Include:

Have a program idea?

Our capabilities include developing new programs from the ground up and expanding existing books of business into programs with the right team or partner. Let us provide you a distribution platform, infrastructure, technology, processes, and road map for shared success.

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