Your clients’ hard-earned wealth can be destroyed by lawsuits served by investors, vendors, customers, employees, or any other individual or group they interact with. WC, GL, Auto and XS coverage are essential, but will not fully cover these risks.

In this challenging risk landscape, few carriers are willing to extend the coverage your clients need. Breckenridge Insurance Services has a strong relationship with a select group of A+ insurance carriers to provide Management/Principal Liability protection, fully designed for small to mid-sized businesses with over 25 employees. Terms and conditions, including limits, premiums, and retentions, can be structured to meet the individual needs of each client.


  • Multiple coverage parts available – D&O standalone or including EPL
  • Duty to defend
  • Full Prior Acts coverage available
  • Limits starting at $500k and up to $5M
  • $10k Minimum retention
  • Top rate claims management approach including skilled and dedicated legal teams
  • Numerous loss avoidance tools included

Minimum Premiums:

  • D&O Only $10k
  • D&O with EPL $15k
  • Standalone EPL $15k

For your Management/Principal Liability needs, please contact Alan Belthoff at moc.sikcerb@ffohtleba or 469.788.7960, or your Breckenridge Insurance broker.

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