It may be empty, but out of sight should not mean out of mind. A hurricane or other severe weather event can cause extreme water damage to a building’s roof and interior. Criminal vandalism, theft, and other illegal activities can damage a property – even permanently. And the list of potential risks extends far beyond these scenarios. 

Just because a vacant property lacks inhabitants and happenings doesn’t mean the property should be disregarded and forgotten. Preparing for the uncontrollable risks is vital, and Breckenridge Insurance brokers work with top-rated carriers to protect all kinds of properties like this. 

Lines of business include: 

  • Property
  • General Liability (including owners-interest options and comprehensive specific options)
  • OCP
  • Inland Marine
  • Commercial Packages
  • Excess Umbrella
  • Pollution/environmental liability options

Breckenridge Insurance has significant access and underwriting authority with several top-rated carriers to quickly quote competitive vacant property risks. Low minimum premiums, coastal capacity, and REO/property schedules for lending institutions or investors set us apart from other brokerage teams.  

An office building may lack the Monday morning hustle and bustle due to the surge of employees working remotely. A popular restaurant property may be recently closed and is waiting for the right person to come along and revive it. No matter the vacant property type or situation, Breckenridge Insurance can help find the right coverage solution tailored for specific needs. 

Our expert brokers are ready to connect you with the proper coverage for your unique vacant property situation. Reach out today to find a broker by clicking here

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