Breckenridge Insurance Services delivers smart protection for those who have residential dwelling schedules—with some commercial permitted—in their portfolio of properties. As an investment strategy and income-producing asset, long-term success requires understanding the needs of these busy individual and institutional investors, and the nuances of the dynamic real estate market. We provide competitive and flexible property and general liability coverage under a master policy approach to simplify the process for your client and to support your growth.

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  • Master policy vs. per property underwriting
  • Available Property and General Liability Coverage
  • Array of rate credit and deductible options
  • Up to 15% of schedules can be commercial
  • Coastal Properties Acceptable
  • Broad geographic coverage and quick turnaround
  • Vacant Properties Acceptable
  • $5,000 minimum premium


  • Individual Property Investors/Landlords
  • REOs
  • REITs
  • Property Management Companies
  • Smaller Apartment Complexes (6-8 units)


  • All Risk property coverage form (Excl Flood / Quake)
  • $2.5MM per location max limit / No max limit per schedule
  • Replacement Cost for Dwellings and Commercial Properties Available
  • Loss of Rents Coverage Available
  • $2,500 Minimum deductible for All Other Perils
  • Competitive Wind/Hail Deductible
  • Rate Credit Available for increased deductible structure


  • $1MM limit per occurrence
  • $2MM annual aggregate limit

For your Investor Property Schedule questions or submissions, please email moc.sikcerb@rentrap or contact your Breckenridge Insurance broker here.

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