Over the past few weeks, we have seen a lot of American ingenuity and companies both small and large stepping in to help fight COVID-19. Many professional liability, health care, and life science markets are fast-tracking submissions for new or changing risks that are starting or modifying operations to help with the Pandemic relief. Breckenridge Insurance Services brokers are standing by to assist in getting these risks expedited on your behalf as we all understand the challenges we face. We’re committed to service excellence and competitive options now and always.

This includes the following types of risks:

  • Retired Health Care Providers (docs, EMTs, nurses, etc.) coming out of retirement to help aid in treatment who need malpractice
  • Pharma/Nutraceuticals producing medicine for treatment and/or developing new meds and vaccines
  • Medical Product Manufacturers (or manufacturers transitioning from regular products to needed products) – things like respiratory devices, ventilators, masks, testing kits, etc. as oftentimes current coverage will not cover the transition as a new class of products
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Clinical Trials of COVID-19 drugs and/or vaccines
  • Health care facilities – labs testing for the virus, drive through testing facilities, new “transition” hospitals (i.e., hotels, etc. being transitioned to care for non-critical patients)
  • Engineers helping to design new products
  • Scientists
  • Biohazard Clean up and Medical Waste companies (GL/PL/Pollution)
  • Telemed Companies
  • Contractors Pro for those helping to build medical facilities
  • Technology, website and/or communications companies providing key support
  • Other professionals helping

To help expedite submissions, please attach the following:

Any governmental contracts that they are working under
Resume(s) of key personnel (or a narrative of their experience)
If they are an existing business, loss runs (even if they are from a product they are transitioning from)

To review if your clients’ current policies are properly covering them or if they are a new entity, please reach out to your broker here or email us at moc.sikcerb@rentrap.
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