Breckenridge Insurance’s Vicky Dearing, SVP professional liability and risk management, is a featured speaker at Intelligent Insurer’s upcoming live cyber webinar on October 25th at 1 p.m. EST. 

An expert cyber insurance broker, Vicky is one of five industry representatives who will answer audience questions live at the “Support Insureds to Mitigate Ransomware and Thwart Evolving Cyber Threats” webinar.  

Topics to be discussed: 

  • Developing cyber insurance strategies that drastically mitigate the risk of breaches: Keep track of shape-shifting threats including account takeover, ransomware, and phishing attacks, and develop a roadmap to work collaboratively with insureds throughout the policy lifecycle to bolster resilience to cybercriminals and evolving threat vectors 
  • Empowering insureds to keep sensitive personal and commercial data secure: 
    Understand why not all multi-factor authentication is created equal, get the detail on how simple SMS-based two-step authentication is becoming increasingly susceptible to potentially costly breaches, and learn how to employ phishing-resistant, hardware-based solutions that will drastically mitigate your cyber risk 
  • Developing a truly customer-centric approach to assessing cyber risk, where frequent communication is at the heart of your cyber book of business: Ask the right questions of insureds to build an accurate picture of risk—especially with customers in the early stages of advancing their cybersecurity strategies beyond the basics, and explore strategies for underwriters and brokers to work in synergy with insureds to drive down risk and the cost of claims 
  • Protecting vital cyber infrastructure and supply chains: Discover the ways would-be attackers are increasingly targeting wider supply chains as well as central systems, and discuss what it takes to protect customers from these risks through co-creating a comprehensive cybersecurity apparatus that will hold up against emerging threats 

Gain insightful cyber security knowledge by joining Vicky at this free, one-hour long webinar. Register here

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