Unpredictability – one of the biggest risks for Real Estate Investors. Markets can take a turn for better or for worse in the blink of an eye. Savvy investors understand the vital nature of having the right REI insurance coverage. 

Breckenridge Insurance’s Contract Binding team has REI binding authority with a select group of trusted carriers for habitational real estate investor risks.  


  • $2.5MM per location max limit / no max limit per schedule
  • $1,000 minimum deductible for all other perils
  • Rate credit available for increased deductible structure
  • General liability: $1MM per occurrence, $2MM annual aggregate limit

Target classes:  

  • 1-4 family dwellings – Large schedules eligible
  • Apartment buildings – 16 units per building max
  • Student housing – 25% of schedule max
  • Subsidized housing – 25% of schedule max
  • Light Commercial (Office, Retail, Strip Mall, etc.) – 25% of schedule max

Several additional coverages are available, including replacement cost for dwellings and commercial properties, loss of rents coverage, and competitive wind/hail deductible.  

Real estate investment may be unpredictable, but insurance coverage should not be. Contact our Contract Binding team today to discover the broad range of coverage capacities suited to the needs of your insureds. Learn more here

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