Join us for our upcoming BreckInvest Webinar: Investor Property Portfolios Simplified

Breckenridge Insurance Services is very excited to be able to offer a streamlined technology solution to assist investor property portfolio management for agents and their insureds. Please join Tom Elder and Alex Rinehart Tuesday, February 5th from 11:30 AM to Noon EST to share the BreckInvest product and technology platform.

This webinar is suited for existing and new agents with larger and/or more active investor property portfolios where monthly additions and deletions are occurring. Its main purpose is to be a time-saving technology tool agents can easily access to simplify all reporting and billing in a more accurate and timely manner.


  • Schedules of 10 or more properties
  • Insured is looking for one master policy
  • Multiple additional insureds


  • Property Investors
  • Property Management Companies


  • Simplify the addition and deletion of properties
  • Eliminates the risk of an overlooked email request
  • Centralizes all of the docs associated with the policy
  • Reduces accounting / billing work
  • 24/7 online access

For all your insurance needs, please email moc.sikcerb@rentrap or contact your current Breckenridge Insurance broker here.


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