With NFIP policy premiums rising on April 1st, now is the time to re-evaluate primary and excess flood coverage. 

The expert brokers at Breckenridge Insurance are ready to help you find a well-rounded solution for your insureds’ private flood insurance needs. Whether they need primary, excess, or both – we have them covered. 


  • AM Best A XV Paper including coastal geographies
  • Available states include
    • California, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas
  • $5MM in Excess Limit available above NFIP or other property program attachments
  • Writing in Flood Zone VE, AE, and X
  • Ability to write in critical flood zones
  • Typical limits deployed $1-5MM
  • Underlying TIV of $500,000 to $30MM
  • Minimum Premium $1,000
  • Limits can be above Single Location Buildings or a schedule of locations

Coverage options include Business Income and Replacement Cost Endorsement. Primary limits can be considered (limited to $2MM in capacity). 

Whether a single family, multiple families, 5+ unit apartments, or even office/retail commercial properties, our experts can help find coverage both broader and with higher limits than the NFIP. 

For your primary and excess flood coverage needs, please contact Tom Elder or your current Breckenridge broker.

(Please note there are excluded classes for flood insurance coverage. Those classes can be found here.) 

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